Top 22 Possible Topics For A Research Paper On History

If you are writing a research paper, you may find it difficult to choose a topic to write about. Fortunately, if the essay is on the subject of History, there is a wide array of topics to choose from. To make it easier for you, we’ve whittled the list down to a top 22 of great dissertation topics for your history paper.

Great history topics to write a thesis on:

  1. Major Historical Eras – This could include the Dark Ages, Twentieth Century History, the Bronze Age and other important ages.
  2. Major Historical Wars – Every war from the French Revolution to the Gulf War is always an interesting historical topic and a great one to base your dissertation off of.
  3. The Renaissance – A historical overview of the social changes that took place in this era that were brought on with the rise of the government, artists and philosophies.
  4. Life in the Victorian Era – The ways that factors such as wealth, occupation and social standing governed a person’s life in this era
  5. Religious Wars in History – From the Crusades to the Nigerian Civil War, wars have been fought over religion for as long as we can remember, and will likely continue to be fought. This is a thesis topic that is a great basis for discussion and argument.
  6. The Impact of Religion on History – An overview of how religion has affected governments, laws and the common person’s way of life since its origin.
  7. Sports in History – Or, more specifically, the Olympic games. How did they come into being and how did they change over the years. Additionally, research and write about what caused those changes.
  8. The Life of Julius Caesar – How does the historical portrayal of Julius Caesar compare to Shakespeare’s ideas in his play Julius Caesar? What historical facts do we have that we can base an interpretation off of?
  9. The Role of the Catholic Church – Of all religions, the Catholic Church has probably played one of the biggest roles in world history. Examine and write about the impact it has had on the world.
  10. European Exploration – How wide was the impact of the term of European exploration on the rest of the world? What might be different now, if it had not occurred at all?
  11. The Holocaust – Always a controversial subject but contains a lot of good material to base a thesis off of.
  12. Apartheid: What prompted the practice to begin? What were its effects and what eventually contributed to its abandonment in South Africa?
  13. The Status and Role of Women – Throughout the ages the role of women has shifted and changed. Research and do your homework on the changes their status has undergone and write about where it is now in this term of world history.
  14. Terrorism in History – Write an essay on the factors that began terrorism, the first terrorist acts, and terrorist groups in general.
  15. Chemical, Biological, and or Nuclear Warfare: The mass effect of these weapons is undeniable. Is it ethical or permissible in your opinion? Do the homework on the role these weapons have played in history and state your case.
  16. The Bermuda Triangle – This mystery has baffled the world for years. Can it be explained?
  17. The History of Medicine – Explore the origin of medicines, the ways it has grown over the years and our increasing dependence upon it.
  18. Atlantis – What is the history behind the myth of the lost city?
  19. Medieval Laws – What is the basis and history behind the laws that governed this period?
  20. Politics in History – When it began and how it has grown to cover almost every aspect of life the world today.
  21. The Year 1945 – Considered to be an important year in world history with many significant events beginning or ending in it.
  22. History of Piracy – The role piracy has placed in the world, how it began and how far its effects have reached.

So right there you have 22 fascinating topics to write your research paper on. If you don’t have a lot of time during the term, you can always find a freelance researcher or freelance writer to help you out. History is a fascinating topic, so enjoy learning about it and exploring it.

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