Creating An Academic Research Paper: 5 Writing Suggestions

As you progress through your academic career your writing skills will improve just as assignments continue to get more difficult. You need to keep working on your craft with enthusiasm and a confident attitude towards the process. Here are five writing suggestions for creating a great academic research paper:

  1. Use Proper Research Paper Structure
  2. If our written assignment is disorganized you will confuse your reader to the point that he or she may not even be able to finish reading. That’s why it’s important to follow a structure that cues the reader to move from one thought to another. No matter how long your research paper is, a good structure to use is the introduction – body paragraphs – conclusion format.

  3. Structure Each Paragraph
  4. At each paragraph level you need to have structure. A basic structure that works well across several types of assignments is having a main topic statement, followed by an explanation of what it means, and lastly followed by bits of evidence that support the main topic statement. There are variations of this, but your research paper will do better to remain consistent throughout.

  5. Have a Research Paper Plan
  6. Develop a quick plan to help guide you through the each task you need to complete towards your goal. Plans should make the entire process of writing a lot easier, ensuring that you don’t forget the most important points of your topic nor get lost along the way. A good way of organizing your thoughts is through developing an outline. Keep this nearby for easy reference as you write your first draft.

  7. Revise, Proofread and Edit
  8. The more time you give yourself in the early planning stages to revise, proofread and edit, the better your essay will be. Make sure that each paragraph is written in an order that is logical and effectively presents your argument. Also check for grammar, spelling and punctuation mistakes in every sentence. Look for ways to use simple and straightforward English rather than clunk and confusing sentence construction.

  9. Keep Practicing Your Craft
  10. Writing doesn’t come naturally to everyone, but it like every other craft or skill it can be learned and improved through constant practice. You’re not going to be a writing expert after just one or two research papers, but you can work towards become really good if you put in the effort with every assignment that comes your way.

Writing Suggestions

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